How do I join Freemasonry?



“Who are fit and proper persons to be made Masons”

From: Questions leading to the Second Degree.

Being a Freemason is a privilege. It is exceptional, and if you are considered suitable and Initiated, Passed and Raised through the three degrees, then you are exceptional too.

Freemasons come in all shapes and sizes, colours and religions. Some are business leaders, some are royalty, and we are proud to have them in our ranks. However, most are decorators, plumbers, solicitors, welders, bakers; the list is endless. It would be easier to say we probably have a representative of every trade and profession that you can imagine because:

Freemasonry is not about how you earn a living and your income.

There are three requirements:

Are you over twenty-one years old?

That’s a simple box to tick. There are exceptions, mainly through Lodges associated with universities, but generally, we find things work out better with a touch of maturity.

You must be of good moral character

Every candidate for Freemasonry must have a good reputation in his community and be of good moral character. During the process of application, we make enquiries to confirm that this is the case.

Do you believe in the Supreme Being?

A belief in the Supreme Being, whatever you choose to call him, is a requirement for membership. Once again, we are not a religion, but a faith in the Divine is a crucial prerequisite for our task of making a good man into a better man. We are not looking for proof of regular worship, just a belief and acknowledgement of something higher than ourselves.

Other than the above

You will need an open and enquiring mind, a willingness to get involved, a love of friends and new experiences plus a conviction that you are not yet a finished piece of work and can be better than you are.

Brother Act !

If all the above apply, we look forward to hearing from you. Use the Contact Us page to send us your details, and we will be in touch. We will arrange a short meeting for a chat, and if all goes well, we will ask you to come and meet some of the members on a rehearsal night.